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Dr. Divya K

Dr. Gaurang

Dr. Rekha Hariram

Dr. Pandu Dasappa

Dr. Manohar Bhadrappa

Dr. Suresh Babu

Dr. Lokanath

Dr. Ramesh S

Dr. Yashaswi

Dr. Ashok Singhal

Dr. Manohar C. S.

Dr. Shiva Kumar V

Dr. C. Arvind

Dr. Sandeep Nayak P

Dr. Mahesh Meda

Dr. Anand M.S

Dr. Nagalatha S.

Dr. Chidananda N. K.

Dr. Asfia Khaleel

Dr. Devendrappa K. R.

Dr. Jayaprasad H. V.

Dr. Gopinath Ramaiah

Dr. Ramesh Makam

Minimal Invasive Surgery

Dr. Saraswathi Ramesh

Dr. Rajesh Murthy

Dr. Gopika Rajesh

Dr. Radha Krishna

Dr. Ganesh Shenoy

Dr. K. S. Harinath

Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed Belawadi

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The Center of Excellence at A.V. Hospital adopts a multidisciplinary approach to provide comprehensive treatment, with outpatient, inpatient and daycare facilities, dedicated surgical suites, ICUs and a 24-hour wing to handle all emergencies.

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