The complicated science of Neurology deals with all the diseases and dysfunctions of the Central Nervous System which includes Brain, Spine as well as the Peripheral Nervous System comprised of Nerves. These are the  structures that ultimately control most functions in our bodies, and also control our thoughts, speech, memory, intelligence etc.

Even minor disturbances in the function of any of these faculties will lead to gross disorders and disabilities. In the past 25 years research has unfolded the intricate secrets of many neurological disorders, and we now are equipped with excellent resources, investigations, and management facilities for many neurological problems. Total control and cure for some epilepsies, recovery from stroke, neuro-intervention to prevent strokes, better outcomes in infections like meningitis/encephalitis, deficiencies and malignancies, pain relief in many conditions, excellent treatments for migraine, and improved quality of life in many incurable conditions are testimony to the recent achievements.

Our team of well-versed doctors have a great record of treating conditions like epilepsy, stroke, acute infections of the brain like meningitis, encephalitis etc, bleeds within the cranium, migraines and also, neurodegenerative conditions. We, at A.V Hospital strive to provide you the best care for neurological disorders in Bangalore.

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