We pride ourselves in being the first private hospital in the state to establish an independent minimal access surgery unit over 30 years ago.

Think laparoscopy; think AV Hospital!

Join our family of satisfied patients who have defeated obesity and other metabolic disorders.
Explore your options in Bariatric surgery at AV hospital.

Pioneers in Bariatric Surgery

A V Hospital is recognised as the International Centre of Excellence for Hernia by the Asia-Pacific Hernia Society and Hernia Society India. We bring world class care at your door step.

Center of Excellence for Hernia Surgery

Redefining healthcare to include the wisdom inherent in healing the person as a whole - mind, body and spirit

Integrative Medicine - Unveil the true potential of your health!

Trust us in assisting you to have a wholesome childbirth experience and taking the first step towards becoming parents.

Womens’ health is health for all

Areas of Specialization

Meet our Specialists

Dr. Divya K

Dr. Gaurang

Dr. Rekha Hariram

Dr. Pandu Dasappa

Dr. Manohar Bhadrappa

Dr. Suresh Babu

Dr. Lokanath

Dr. Ramesh S

Dr. Yashaswi

Dr. Ashok Singhal

Dr. Manohar C. S.

Dr. Shiva Kumar V

Dr. C. Arvind

Dr. Sandeep Nayak P

Dr. Mahesh Meda

Dr. Anand M.S

Dr. Nagalatha S.

Dr. Chidananda N. K.

Dr. Asfia Khaleel

Dr. Devendrappa K. R.

Dr. Jayaprasad H. V.

Dr. Gopinath Ramaiah

Dr. Ramesh Makam

Minimal Invasive Surgery

Dr. Saraswathi Ramesh

Dr. Rajesh Murthy

Dr. Gopika Rajesh

Dr. Radha Krishna

Dr. Ganesh Shenoy

Dr. K. S. Harinath

Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed Belawadi

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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regavelialia. It is a paradise.

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