Did you know that a single surgery can cure multiple abdominal problems by Laparoscopy?

 Did you know that a single surgery can cure multiple abdominal problems by Laparoscopy?

The expert team of doctors at AV Hospital are experienced in handling patients with multiple coexisting abdominal pathologies by a single laparoscopic surgery. The doctors in the hospital conducted a study to analyse the outcomes of 76 patients over 4 years undergoing laparoscopic surgery for general surgical and concurrent gynaecological pathologies.

The details of all 76 patients were noted before surgery and after surgery. Of the 76 cases, 64 patients underwent 2 concurrent problems treated and 12 cases underwent 3 – 5 concurrent problems treated with a single surgery. Common surgeries combined were Hysterectomy, Fibroid removal, Ovarian cyst removal, Weight reduction (Bariatric & Metabolic) surgery, Gall bladder removal, Mesh repair for Hernia.

Results of the study – The duration of hospital stay, post surgery pain, requirement of pain killer injections were similar to patients undergoing single surgery. The need for addition ports were increased by 2- 3. The costs for single surgery with combined procedures reduced significantly by 30 – 40 % as repeated admission costs, consumables, anaesthesia drugs requirement were avoided.

Conclusion – Combined laparoscopic procedures appear to be more suitable option for ptients to treat coexistent pathologies in institutes with good surgical expertise and infrastructure. Patients are benefited in view of similar morbidity rates, postop recovery time,single time anaesthesia but more importantly reduced cost and mental anxiety for the patients and their relatives.

Blog by Dr.KS Harinath

Consultant (Department of Gynaecology)

AV Hospital, Basavanagudi

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