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This super speciality department mainly concerned with the problems or diseases involving Kidney, Ureter, Bladder and Genital region.

The commonly encountered problems are-

  • Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) secondary to bladder outlet obstruction either due to prostate gland
    enlargement [benign (BPH) or malignant] or stricture urethra.
  • Stone diseases (calculi) involving the kidney, ureter and bladder.
  • Infections involving the genitourinary region.
  • malignancy (cancer) involving the genitourinary region.
  • Incontinence(Inability to control) of urine or Retention of urine(Inability to pass urine).
  • LUTS includes Frequency, Urgency, Nocturia, Haematuria.

The commonly done procedures in this hospital are-

1. TURP (Trans urethral resection of prostate)
2. URSL (Ureterorenoscopic lithotripsy)
3. Stenting ( double J )
4. VIU ( Visual internal urethrotomy)
5. Cystolitholapaxy for vesical stones
6. Urethroplasty
7. Circumcision
8. Orchidopexy and Orchidectomy
9. Nephrectomy
10. Pyeloplasty
11. Pyelolithotomy and Ureteroloithotomy


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