“A.V.Hospital has an active and busy Pediatric department dedicated to the care of newborns and children.

We provide

  • Routine newborn care, level II NICU,
  • Well Baby clinic
  • Immunisation services from birth onwards
  • Laboratory services
  • Outpatient and Inpatient services
  • Our Nursing staff are well versed in educating new mothers on the importance of breast feeding and in training them to achieve successful breast feeding

Adolescent Care Services:

Earlier, Pediatric age group was considered as between birth to twelve years of age. Adolescents (people aged between 10 and 19 years) constitute 21% of our country’s population and their health both physical and mental, is often neglected resulting in a spurt of teen related problems such as lifestyle diseases, anxiety, depression, suicides and addictions in recent years. With the inclusion of adolescents in the pediatric age group, we have an adolescent physician in our team who provides for the physical, and mental needs of the teenagers. The services available for adolescents are

1. Growth and maturity monitoring

2. Immunisation services

3. Pre sports medical evaluation

4. Counselling of adolescents on various topics of interest to them

5. Parental counselling”

A.V. Hospital thus caters to the health needs of all children from tiny tots to teens.

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