Centre of Excellence in Hernia Surgery

BEST Institute and Research Centre and AV Hospital has been recognized as the "Centre of Excellence in Hernia Surgery" by the Asia Pacific Hernia Society. Dr. M. Ramesh, Director BEST Institute and Research Centre, received the certificate of Centre of Excellence during the Asia Pacific Hernia Society meeting in Dubai November 30th 2018.

AV Hospital is the only hospital in South India to be recognized as " Centre of Excellence in Hernia Surgery" both by Hernia Society of India and Asia Pacific Hernia Society. A really proud moment for all of us. Many thanks to Asia Pacific Hernia Society and Hernia Society of India. We will promise to continue our good work in abdominal wall hernia as well as in training surgeons in the field of herniology.

Dr.R.H.N.SHENOY Memorial Live Operative workshop and Dr.Hanumaiah Memorial Continuous Surgical Educational Programme

Dr.R.H.N.SHENOY Memorial Live Operative workshop and Dr. Hanumaiah Memorial Continuous Surgical Educational Programme was conducted from 19th Nov-23rd Nov 2018. The venue was at M.S.Ramaiah Medical College Auditorium. This was conducted by Bangalore Surgical Trust in association with Surgical Society of Bangalore.

The Live Operative workshop was relayed from renowned institutes across the country.

19th : Basic Laparoscopic Surgery - M.S.Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore

20th : Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery - Kaizen Hospital, Ahmedabad

21st : Laparosopic Bariatric / Metabolic Surgery- Dr.Tulips Obesity and Diabetes Surgery Center, Bangalore

22nd : Therapeutic Endoscopy- Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad

23rd : Surgical Oncology - M.S.Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore

Around 450 Surgeons and postgraduates across the country attended this meeting.The live operative workshop was well appreciated by the participants.

Dr.M.Ramesh from A.V.Hospital was the Chief co-ordinator for the Live Operative workshop. Dr.Ganesh Shenoy from A.V.Hospital demonstrated laparoscopic TEP Mesh repair for inguinal hernia during the live operative workshop.

A.V.Hospital is the only hospital in the whole of South India to be accrediated as Center of Excellance in Hernia surgery by Hernia Society of India as well as by Asia Pacific Hernia Society.

November 2018 Training

Asia Pacific Hernia Society : Hernia Essentials. October 12-13th 2018

Organised by BEST Institute and Research Center, Bangalore . The venue was “Advanced Learning Center, M. S. Ramaiah Medical College campus.
This two day program consisted of CMEs, Hernia quiz, Live operative workshop and Cadaveric hands on training. In the live Operative workshop, Laparoscopic Bilateral tap mesh repair, Bilateral Laparoscopic TEP Mesh repair, Laparoscopic IPOM Plus repair and Lichienstein repair were demonstrated. There were 14 surgeons for the cadaveric hands on training, with 2 candidates per cadaver. Cadaveric hands on training was on Laparoscopic TAPP, TEP and IPOM plus repair. Faculties for the course were Prof. Sathien Tumtavitikul (Thailand), Prof Barlian Sutedja (Indonesia) Dr.Rajesh Khullar, Dr M.Ramesh, Dr Anil Sharma, Dr Deepraj Bhandarkar, Dr Uday Muddebihal, Dr Lakshmi Kona and Dr.Ganesh Shenoy. Prof Barlian Sutedja is the President of Asia Pacific Hernia Society.

Successful completion of August 2018 batch laparoscopic training

The recently concluded batch of laparoscopic training for gynecologists and surgeons was attended by 12 doctors from various parts of state and country. 4 General surgeons and 8 Gynecologists who had registered for the course were explained regarding the basic goals of training and a brief introduction in to the field of laparoscopy in surgical practice. We had an interaction with the candidates to know the level of exposure and experience in the field of laparoscopy before the start of training so that focused training could be provided to each candidate. The course consists of surgical skill acquisition and knowledge acquisition.

We made sure the candidates are comfortable from 1st day itself and also to get acquainted with the facilities in our institute. The most important part of the training is observation of the various processes running in the operation theatre so that they understand the basic settings of the various machines used during laparoscopy. Candidates are given the list of surgical cases and the theory topics on the previous day so that they come prepared. The day starts with live demonstration of surgical cases followed by didactic sessions and pelvitrainer exercises.

The surgical skills learning through pelvitrainer exercises is of paramount importance. They are performing various tasks daily with increasing difficulty levels. We as trainers assessed the level of skill they have before the start of training by objective scoring tasks and regular assessment of improvement of skills. The trainees are made to understand the importance of team development for smooth performance of laparoscopy and their specific roles during surgery.

The team of surgeons consisting of Dr. M. Ramesh and Dr. Ganesh Shenoy performed 29 cases consisting of Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, Laparoscopic mesh repair of Hernias (Ventral, Incisional, Inguinal, Inguinoscrotal, Recurrent), Laparoscopic adhesiolysis, Nissen’s Fundoplication, Laparoscopic Appendicectomy, Laparoscopic bowel resection and anastomosis.

The team of gynaecologists consisting of Dr. Saraswathi Ramesh and Dr. Harinath. K S performed 23 cases consisting of Total Laparoscopic hysterectomy, TLH with Pelvic Lymphadenectomy for Endometrial malignancy, LAVH, Laparoscopic Myomectomy, Diagnostic Laparoscopy with Ovarian drilling, Laparoscopic surgery for Endometriotic cyst with severe adhesions, Ovarian cyst, Diagnostic Hysteroscopy, Hysteroscopic Polypectomy with Bettocchi’s. An interesting case of 34 weeks sized Recurrent Mucinous Cystadenoma of ovary in Unmarried girl managed laparoscopically.

Didactic sessions on history of endoscopy, Anatomy as seen through a laparoscope, Basic principles of laparoscopy, Anesthesia in laparoscopy, Complications in Laparoscopy, Laparoscopy in Pregnancy, Specimen retrieval, Laparoscopic Hysterectomy and Myomectomy, Operative Hysteroscopy, Prevention of CBD injuries, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Appendicectomy, Hernia surgeries.

Highlights of the training

  • Total number of cases performed- 52 cases
  • Total number of hours of Pelvitrainer practice- 30 hours
  • Total number of Lectures- 17
  • Total number of hours of video presentation- 15 hours

Training was concluded on 15/08/18 following the final evaluation of the pelvitrainer exercise scores, Quiz and discussion of those questions. Valedictory function was done to hand over the certificates and DVD on Basics of Endosuturing to all the trainees. The trainees shared their opinions regarding their learning in our institute and expressed their happiness and satisfaction in attending the course.

Dr. M Ramesh and Dr. Saraswathi Ramesh addressed them at the end of course and gave them the guiding path for the future practice and to continue practicing the pelvitrainer for being oriented in laparoscopy.

The team of BEST Institute and Research centre wishes them ‘All the best’ in their future practice and to be associated with us always in the learning process of laparoscopy.

Greetings from BEST Institute, AV Hospital, Bangalore

The examination and interview for the Fellowship in Minimal Invasive Surgery- Gynecology (FMIS) under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) is on the 10-8-2018 from 11am - 4pm.

Venue- AV Hospital, #9, Patalamma temple street, Basavanagudi, Near Southend circle, Bangalore 560003

Eligibility - Should have completed MS (OBG) or DGO

1 Theory paper (100 MCQs - General Gyne and Basics of Laparoscopy) followed by Interview

Interested candidates should contact Dr Harinath K S (Mobile - 9743433737, E-mail - and send their updated CV by WhatsApp or mail.

Seat selection is based on MCQ score + Publications if present

All have to bring original and 1 set xerox of them when you attend the examination.

Start of course - 1st of September 2018

Course period - 1 1/2yrs

Course includes OT, Ward, OPD, Night duty with academics on MIS like seminars, journal club, case discussions.

Fees - 1,50,000/- to the Institute
23,500/- to RGUHS

Stipend is given

Regional Refresher Course - Association of Surgeons of India

"Regional Refresher Course - Association of Surgeons of India" was held at Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute , Bangalore from 27th-28th July 2018. More than 500 postgraduates from Medical colleges from South India attended this meeting. Dr.M.Ramesh was invited to deliver a lecture on Laparoscopic Appendectomy - "How I do it " on July 29th 2018. He was also invited as faculty for the hands on training session.

Free Check-up

Free check-up of pregnant ladies at the Primary Health Centre at Harohalli done by Dr. Saraswathi on 10th July 2018.

Felicitation at Vasavi Hospital on 1/7/18 on Doctor's Day Celebration and the release of APOPA Doctors Directory.

Surgeons from A. V. Hospital under the leadership of Dr. M. Ramesh operated on a middle aged female who was suffering from rapidly growing abdominal tumour. The tumour was arising from the mesentry of small intestine. The tumour was completely resected and anastomosis of small intestine was performed. The tumour weighed 2kgs. The patient did well postoperatively and was discharged on 6th postoperative day with a happy face.

SAIDIP Conference

Dr. Makam Ramesh was invited to be a part of SAIDIP conference at ITC Gardenia, Bangalore on 25th to 27th May 2018. He spoke to the delegates on PCOS and Obesity - Role of Bariatric Surgery.

"Advanced Laparoscopic Hernia workshop and Hands on cadaver course" at M. S. Ramaiah Medical College

Dr. Ganesh Shenoy from A. V. Hospital was invited as a mentor and tutor for "Advanced Laparoscopic Hernia workshop and Hands on cadaver course" at M. S. Ramaiah Medical College on 19th-20th May 2018.

There were delegates from all over India for this course.

Dr. Ganesh Shenoy gave also a lecture on "Laparoscopic TEP and e-TEP for groin hernias"

Monthly meeting of Surgical Society of Bangalore

Dr. Piara Singh, Fellow in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, under the guidance of Dr. M. Ramesh and Dr. Ganesh Shenoy presented paper on " Laparoscopic E-TEP mesh repair for inguinoscrotal hernias " at the monthly meeting of Surgical Society of Bangalore on 16th May 2018.

He also presented a poster titled " Enigma Of Urachal tumour "

This was attended by Surgeons and postgraduate students from Bangalore

International Hernia Collaboration Meeting

Dr.M.Ramesh and Dr.Ganesh Shenoy were invited for the International Hernia Collaboration meeting at Delhi from 3rd-5th May 2018.

This was an International Conference on Hernia with more than 1000 registrations. More than 50 international faculties attended the meeting.

Dr.M.Ramesh was asked to chair session on “AWR Opening Gambit”.

Dr.Ganesh Shenoy presented Videos of Laparoscopic Redo TAPP Mesh Repair following Previous Failed Bilateral TEP Mesh Repair and Our technique of Laparoscopic Enhanced view TEP Mesh repair for large left Irreducible Inguinoscrotal hernia.

Patient and Attender Education regarding the Laparoscopic Procedure they have undergone.

RAGES 2018

Academic activities from AV Hospital in recent National Conference at Lalit Ashok, Bangalore “


Successfully completed the first training batch of 2018. The training started off with lectures on “Role of Integrated Medicine in medical practice” and “Recognizing Cognitive Bias / Diagnostic errors in Health care” by eminent speakers from USA. I am thankful to Dr. Halligere Murthy and Dr. Srinivas Murthy for their excellent talks and Dr. Maiyya, a Senior Physician for being Chairperson for the session.

Welcome speech by Dr. Makam Ramesh

Function was attended by trainees, Consultants of various specialties, AVOPA members.

Introducing the speakers at the gathering.

Dr. Halligere Murthy

Talk by Dr. Halligere Murthy

Talk by Dr. Srinivas Murthy

Formal training started with lecture by Dr. C. S. Rajan, Senior Laparoscopic Surgeon on ‘History of Laparoscopy and Instruments in Laparoscopy’.

The training was attended by 7 General Surgeons and 3 Gynecologists. It was a true feast to the trainees watching an array of surgeries. ‘Live surgical demonstration’ and ‘Hands on training’ was the primary aspect of training. Few interesting cases were Lap Choledocal Cystectomy with Hepatojejunostomy, Chronic Tubal Ectopic with adhesions, TLH with previous 2 LSCS with bladder adhesions, TLH with Obliterated POD due to Endometriosis, Nissen’s Fundoplication, Lap Hydatid cystectomy, Lap Truncal Vagotomy with GJ, Hysteroscopic and Lap Myomectomy with Adenomyomectomy, Lap Adhesiolysis.

Live Surgical demonstration and teaching.

Our team of doctors at BEST Institute constantly impressed upon the trainees regarding patient safety and sticking to safety techniques during surgery.

Didactic sessions by various experienced Gynecologists and Surgeons to express their challenges on various topics was conducted.

Lecture by Dr. P. M. Chandrashekar, Anesthesiologist.

Setting up a Laparoscopic OT and a team is very important. All the trainees were educated regarding the advances in Laparoscopic equipment and cost effectiveness in laparoscopy.

Didactic session on Electrosurgery in Endoscopy

Lecture on Lap Hysterectomy and Myomectomy by Dr. Sahafalika. S. B

Role of Laparoscopy in Pregnancy and Organ retrieval challenges in Laparoscopy by Dr. Saraswathi Ramesh.

Trainees enjoying the lunch

Valedictory function with Certificate distribution and all received set of DVDs containing various surgeries, instruments, basics of suturing, animations.

Overall the training program was a grand success and all the trainees went back with knowledge and memories of our stay at BEST Institute.

Won First Prize for POSTER PRESENTATION in the 13th Annual Conclave of KRSSDI- 2017 Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India, Karnataka Chapter held on 25-26th November 2017 at THE CAPITOL, Bangalore.

1/Nov/2017 to 15/Nov/2017


A feast of surgeries demonstrated to the new batch of trainees at AV Hospital by Dr Makam Ramesh, Dr Saraswathi Ramesh, Dr Ganesh Shenoy, Dr Harinath K S. Our new batch of 3 Surgeons and 5 Gynecologists enjoying the live surgical demonstration. Hands on training being the integral aspect of the course, everyone getting a chance in handling the instruments and assisting surgeries. Everyone had the opportunity to see a flurry of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Appendicectomy, Inguinal & Ventral Hernia Repairs, Nissen’s Fundoplication, Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Lap Myomectomy, Diagnostic and Operative Hysteroscopy.



Virtual Reality Simulator custom made by the concept of Dr.Makam Ramesh under BEST Institute. Teaching staff demonstrated to all trainees the prime intention behind each exercise and everyone had a hands on practice. Trainees expressed happiness regarding simulator.




The latest batch of training completed successfully on 15/11/17. At the end each one received a certificate and DVDs. It was a pleasure to have all of you in our centre and it is the beginning of a new relationship. We hope the time spent with us was memorable and useful in your future laparoscopic journey. We wish you all a great success in the future.


  1. Dr. Ramesh M
  2. Dr. Saraswathi Ramesh
  3. Dr. Ganesh Shenoy
  4. Dr. Harinath K S