About Us


Technology is changing at an unimaginable pace and this has brought in a total transformation in health care. Karnataka State has remained in the forefront in its capacity to adapt to these changes, has become the “I.T. Capital” in this Information Age, not only to the country but to the rest of the World too.

The State truly deserves the best! In recent times health care system in the State is seen rising to these challenges. The “State of the Art” is seen arriving in all fronts. Like I.T., Health care facilities in the State are being looked at with great expectations not only to cater to the State Health, but to World Health as well. Many Hospitals are seen rising to this demand and gearing up to meet the challenges of the new millennium with the best of technology available elsewhere in the world.

We at A.V. Hospital are striving to provide the best. “The Best” to us, among other things, has been to provide the “State of the Art” to our State, which believes to be in the forefront all the time.


Started in 1980 by Dr. R.S.K. Murthy, a former Professor of Medicine having served at all the four Medical Colleges of the State and former Deputy Director of Health of Karnataka State, the aim of the Institute has always been to deliver Good and ethical care at reasonable cost.

A.V. Hospital has been the first Hospital to set up a Unit of Minimal Invasive Surgery in Karnataka in a private setup more than 25 years ago. The Hospital has remained in the forefront in this field by procuring all the latest equipment from time to time and having a highly experienced faculty whose skills are internationally acclaimed. Thus the Hospital can boast of being the first to do almost any type of advanced Laparoscopic Surgery today in Karnataka State. Almost every type of advanced surgical procedure that is being performed in leading centers all over the world by Laparoscopy in being performed at A.V. Hospital.

Dr. M. Ramesh, Consultant Laparoscopic Surgeon of A.V. Hospital, has performed thousands of Laparoscopies, some of which are the first of its kind in our country itself.
Doctors from all over the country have recognized the quality of Laparoscopic Surgeries that are being performed here & A.V. Hospital has become the most sought after centre for training in Laparoscopic Surgery in Karnataka State.

A.V. Hospital has established a premier Training and Research Institute called the “Bangalore Endoscopic Surgery Training Institute & Research Centre” and all the academic activities including training and research is being conducted through this Institute.

The basic motto of the Organization is Dissemination of Endoscopic Surgical skills and to develop technologies for the future. The Institute has an on-going well-structured training programme in Laparoscopic Surgery for Surgeons, Urologists & Gynaecologists interested in basic Laparoscopic Surgery. So far more than 1500 surgeons and Gynaecologists have received training in the Institute. The Institute has attracted Senior Doctors from all over the country and from various other countries including Malaysia, West Indies, Australia and U.S.A Senior Professors, Head of Departments of Surgery and Gynaecology (some of them being Principals) from almost all Medical Colleges in Karnataka State have been trained by the Institute. The B.E.S.T Institute and Research Centre was jointly involved in a major Research Project with DRDO, in developing a Virtual Reality Laparoscopic Surgery Training module, which was initiated by Dr. Abdul Kalam. This is the first of its kind developed in our country and the third in the whole world.


    • When patients come to the hospital, they are in pain & Discomfort. First, treat them and alleviate their pain and misery, with Good, Medical & Ethical Treatment.
    • Help the patient, Be Kind, Be Compassionate & Be Reasonable. Never Exploit, But Help & Empower.