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Should I undergo surgery for Piles?

Piles (Hemorrhoids) are prominent veins which develop under the lining of the anal canal and the commonest cause of painless bleeding when passing stools. Constipation, straining at stools and pregnancy are common causes.

Mild bleeding is usually treated with laxatives, high fiber diet and increase in liquid intake.

For persistent bleeding endoscopic band ligation, injection of sclerosant(to induce clots) and surgery to remove the hemorrhoid (hemorrhoidectomy) are treatment options.

But, it has to be remembered that all that bleeds need not be piles. People above 50 years or above 40 years with family history of cancer of colon and rectum need to undergo a colonoscopy before confirming it as piles.

The Division of Colorectal Surgery offers stapled hemorrhoidectomy for the treatment of large hemorrhoids. The stapled technique results in lesser pain, faster discharge and earlier return to work.

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