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Low vitamin D levels and risk of Cancer of Colon and Rectum

Vitamin D is produced in the skin after contact with sunlight, as well as absorbed in our guts from several dietary sources like fortified foods and fatty fish. Its primary role was long considered to be bone maintenance. For instance, vitamin D deficiency has now been linked to Parkinson’s , Cardiovascular disease and Obesity also.

In the largest study of its kind, low levels of vitamin D are linked with a significant increase in colorectal cancer risk. On the other hand, higher levels appear to offer protection.

Understanding what factors play a role in its development is crucial. And, if vitamin D is involved, it might form the basis of a simple and cost-effective intervention.

The researchers' findings were published recently in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

In all, the team used data from studies conducted on three continents that included 5,700 cases of colorectal cancer and 7,100 controls.

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