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Star fruit and Dark Chocolate salad


Star fruit – ripened 1 whole fruit (125 grams)
Fresh Basil leaves – 6 – 7 nos
72% Dark Chocolate (Godiva) – ½ square (5 grams)
Pinch of red chilli powder
Pinch of salt (as required)


Wash Star fruit and basil leaves in plenty of cold water. Cut the fruit into thin slices into a bowl. Toss the thinly sliced fruit with a pinch of red chilli powder and salt to taste. Arrange the slices over a serving plate. Cut basil leaves into thin ribbon and sprinkle. Finally grate dark chocolate over the plate. Enjoy the salad to satisfy your chocolate craving yet healthy.

Caloric value of salad – 60 – 70 Calories per serving

Many a times you a get a severe craving to eat chocolates and you feel depressed by not eating them. Many have a wrong notion that eating chocolate is bad for health. Actually the fact of the matter is ‘Choosing the right kind of chocolate is vital’. Avoid consuming milk / cream chocolates as they have high levels of saturated fat and less coco levels. The advantage of consuming high coco concentration dark chocolate is that it contains high levels of flavonoids which are natural antioxidants and it has cholesterol lowering properties proven by studies. The levels of HDL (good) cholesterol increases and LDL (bad) cholesterol decreases following consumption of dark chocolate in permissible quantities.

When you prepare an exotic home made salad packed with fresh fruits and green leaves, it helps you to skip a heavy meal but yet a satisfied stomach and heart.

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