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In the era of Caesarian delivery

    1. In the present era of Caesarian delivery, normal (vaginal) delivery is loosing its prominence. In other words, Caesarian delivery is gaining prominence. This raise in incidence can be a blame game.

    2. Raising patient demands and not ready to accept risks have led to an increased rate of caesarian delivery. With improving technology and increased safety of caesarian delivery, the number of patients opting for caesarian delivery has increased many fold. Advantage with planned Caesarian delivery being good baby outcomes, better prepared to handle any untoward events, better post caesarian recovery to regular lifestyle may also have led both patients and Obstetricians to lean towards caesarian delivery.
    3. In our Obstetrics OPD, a lady came for her pregnancy check up. It was her 3rd pregnancy with 1st baby delivered normally and 2nd baby delivered by Caesarian section 7 years back at a private hospital in view of fetal distress. After thorough history and examination, she continued her pregnancy with regular follow ups.
    4. During the course of her pregnancy, she underwent all the necessary investigations to ensure good health status of the mother and fetus. Patient was compliant to the doctor’s advice.
    5. Pregnancy continued uneventfully. At completion of 9 months, patient was advised to go for normal delivery. The patient heeded to the obstetrician’s advice. All the advantages and disadvantages associated with normal (vaginal) delivery were explained.
    6. This is a case where normal delivery was performed who had undergone a Caesarian section earlier. Labour was monitored using WHO (World Health Organisation) Partogram and progress of labour was good. What needs to be realised is that the Obstetricians were highly experienced, they took a decision of going ahead with normal delivery after proper assessment of patient and evaluating if there were any risks involved.
    7. The obstetricians were also prepared for any eventualities with their team of Senior Consultant Anaesthesiologist, Neonatologist along with Operation theatre team and Neonatal team being available to handle any complication during labour.
    8. Dr. Saraswathi Ramesh, Senior Consultant Obstetrician proclaims that it is team work that makes such treatments possible. We are able to take up such challenging cases which needs advanced monitoring of pregnant women in labour, round the clock Operation theatre facilities as well as a Neonatal ICU. This is also possible because we have experienced qualified Obstetricians and Labour room staff available round the clock.

    9. Patient delivered vaginally a healthy baby without any complications. After delivery she was monitored carefully. Both mother and baby did well in post delivery period during their stay in hospital.
    10. After 48 hours of delivery, mother and baby were discharged from hospital in good condition. The most satisfying thing about this case was the smile and happiness on the face of their family members and their thankfulness towards the obstetrician.
    11. Dr. Saraswathi Ramesh who has been promoting Yoga, conducts special Yoga classes for pregnant women. She has been teaching pregnancy yoga for 16 years. She claims that yoga during pregnancy has helped in conducting normal delivery.
    12. At AV Hospital, pregnant women are also educated and prepared well regarding their pregnancy, Dos and Don’ts in pregnancy in Antenatal classes by Obstetricians.
    13. Dr. Saraswathi Ramesh, in her vast experience of 30 years feels that patient’s preparedness for Normal delivery both physically and mentally has helped in conduct of normal delivery even in complicated cases.

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