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• Pioneers and leaders in Laparoscopic Surgery in Karnataka State.

• Give good and Ethical care at reasonable cost by Expert Doctors & Efficient staff.

• "CENTER OF EXCELLENCE" the only center in South India recognized by the Hernia Society of India.

• Premiere Laparoscopic Training for Surgeons & Gyanecologists under Best Endoscopic Surgery Training Institute & Research Centre.

About A.V. hospital

Started in 1980 by Dr. R.S.K. Murthy, a former Professor of Medicine having served at all the four Medical Colleges of the State and former Deputy Director of Health of Karnataka State, the aim of the Institute has always been to deliver Good and ethical care at reasonable cost. A.V. Hospital has been the first Hospital to set up a Unit of Minimal Invasive Surgery in Karnataka in a private setup more than 25 years ago. The Hospital has remained in the forefront in this field by procuring all the latest equipment from time to time and having a highly experienced faculty whose skills are internationally acclaimed. Thus the Hospital can boast of being the first to do almost any type of advanced Laparoscopic Surgery today in Karnataka State. Almost every type of advanced surgical procedure that is being performed in leading centers all over the world by Laparoscopy in being performed at A.V. Hospital. We are one of the best hospital for hernia operation in Bangalore.




Sushila Vishwanath

I am 61 years old and basically a home maker, but worked for 6 years before marriage. I have 2 daughters one is a gastroenterologist and the other a Phd in stem cells. The first one is in New York and the second one is in London, both working...


I am aged 70 years and used to perform my normal duties without any ill health all these days. I am a retired bank employee and used to spend my time with my 2 daughters & grandchildren. Occasionally I used to visit my native place in Coorg once in 3 months....

Deeksha. G

Starting from the day Dr.Saraswathi(Maam) gave me the good news till the day may baby was born and we got discharged from the hospital, I have had a very pleasant and peaceful journey......

Chaitra. U.

I was admitted to A.V Hospital for my first ever surgery. Was a little bit scared but with support of hospital staff I was able to overcome the fear and had a successful operation.....


My name is Smt. A. Nagarathana, age 65yrs, resident of Hadigal, Thirthahalli. I am a retired Health Assistant of 38 years service rendered in Karnataka State Department of Health & Family Welfare Services.....


I, here by Mrs. Badamidevi, was suffering from pain abdomen since 1 month. I consulted Dr. Ramesh at A.V. Hospital on 21/10/17. He suggested CT abdomen & pelvis. After seeing CT report, Dr. Ramesh suggested me for Laparoscopic Right pyelolithotomy +Right URSL + DJ Stenting + Left Adrenal Cystectomy....

Saraswathi S.V

My family was deeply impressed by the highest quality of care my mother received from check-in to check-out. Althrough everyone from admissions to the specialty care unit on the third floor to the surgeon and staff to all the volunteers were outstanding....


I am Sowmya. I was not conceiving naturally. I came here for medical advice & was diagnosed with PCOS. I was advised to undergo diagnostic Hysteroscopy & laparoscopy and puncturing water bubbles inside the ovaries. I got admitted to A.V.Hospital to undergo treatment. Dr. Saraswathi & her team operated me. Post surgery I am very comfortable without any complications. Dr.Saraswathi gave me excellent advice and care which I will follow. The doctors and nurses are dedicated here & gave very good care. For this I am very thankful....


I come from a remote village in Karnataka. I was fully healthy and after my second pregnancy in 2013, I started having extreme pain and excess bleeding during my periods. I visited many doctors in almost all major hospitals, but still they could not rectify my problem. I still believed in god. Lord Shiva says “ಎದೆಗೆ ಬಿದ್ದ ಅಕ್ಷರ ಭೂಮಿಗೆ ಬಿದ್ದ ಬೀಜ ಇಂ ದಿಲ್ಲದ ನಾಳೆ ಪಳ ಕೊಡುವುಧು”. This is the law of nature. I finally trusted god and came to A.V.Hospital. I have received excellent treatment here at A.V. Hospital .I underwent Hysteroscopic evaluation of Uterine cavity and the doctors here guided me in the right path. I perceive Dr.Saraswathi as god. Let all be well...

Rahmat Ulla Khan

I am G.M. Saleem, the guardian of Rahmat Ulla Khan. He was suffering from fever and high blood sugar from last 15days. So we admitted in our surrounding nursing home. After all the necessary tests were done, they informed us that there were small stones in the Kidney and that it was not a problem. Since the doctor said that, we took it lightly and after 3 days, there was swelling in the right leg and a lot of pain too. We went from one doctor to another upon recommendation, where another CT scan was...

G. V. Chalapathy.

I underwent first surgery for duodenal ulcer in 1986 at Tirupathy. After the operation the problems of ulcer continued. I again underwent surgery for ulcer problem at Chennai in 1989.There was no relief. I used to vomit everyday. We visited and consulted many doctors and corporate hospitals. Did not get solution for my ulcer. Finally I consulted Dr. Ramesh and Shri Ganesh.They sucessfully did Laparoscopic Surgery for my ulcer problem. Now I'm alright and do not have any vomiting and pain in the stomach. I'm very thankful to Dr. Ramesh ,DrGanesh and all staffs of A. V. Hospital.


I am Basavaraj from Shivanalli. I use to suffer from severe abdominal pain since 4 months. As per advice of Shivanalli Swamiji, I came and met Dr.Ramesh. Dr.Ramesh spoke to us very nicely. He examined and told that I have Inguinal hernia on my right side. He advised surgery. I underwent Laparoscopic surgery for my Inguinal hernia. Dr.Ramesh and Dr.Ganesh are very nice doctors. They took care of me and did the surgery very nicely. .Now im alright with no pain. All the nurses and staffs took very good care of me. A.V.Hospital is a very good hospital.


I have been suffering from heavy periods flow. So I consulted with Dr.Saraswathi & got checkup & tested about it. The result was formation of Fundal Fibroids & Bulky Uterus. So I was suggested to go ahead with surgery. The surgery was explained to me in convenient manner. I would like to thank all staff & the doctor who was very helpful throughout my stay in hospital.

Pandurang H Desai

I, Pandurang Desai, had to undergo Hernia operation at two sides. I had seen many hernia patients suffering from severe pain for 3-4 days after operation. So I was a bit under tension. But fortunately I underwent the operation by laparoscopy at A.V. Hospital on 4th October 2017, which was performed by Dr.M.Ramesh,, who has a good reputation and expertise in this field along with his team. It is a great surprise that neither I felt any pain after post operation on 1st day, leave alone on the second day. I was discharged on the second day itself. I would like to place on record my happiness and appreciation for the wonderful operation performed by Dr.M.Ramesh.


Iqbal Pasha

The relationship with A.V.Hospital is since 12years and the care from doctors and staff is too good. This time, my dad Mr. Iqbal Pasha was suffering from Hernia and Prosate. He is aged 70 years and had to undergo two surgeries. Dr. M. Ramesh, Dr. Gopika, and Dr. Shivkumar gave us guidance along with good treatment as always. Mr.Iqbal went for Laparoscopic surgery which was successful for Hernia and TURP. We are thankful to Dr. M. Ramesh, Dr. Gopika, and Dr. Shivkumar for their effort. All the staff nurses, cleaning group are well disciplined and very helpful.

Jayanthi C.K

 I was here for “Laparoscopic Oesophagal Diverticulatomy Surgery”. We understood that this is a very critical surgery due to proximity to lungs. Dr. Srinivas Murthy referred us to consult Dr.Ramesh. Thankfully we approached the best doctors Dr.Ramesh & Dr.Ganesh. They took very personal care before, during & after surgery. We are happy and fully satisfied with Doctors, Nurses, & Staff of “A.V.Hospital”. ICU Staff were kind and helpful. We will definitely recommend this hospital/ Doctors to our family & friends. I personally should say thanks for extra care taken by Dr.Ganesh & Dr.Ramesh. M. I can say A.V.Hospital is very good and extraordinary care will be taken here. Thank you very much.

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